Installing Drupal 8 alongside React

What do I want to achieve? I want to install Drupal 8 alongside my existing installation of React Application Server. What is Drupal 8 for? Drupal 8 will work as backend for my React application. What is my React application about? It’s about demonstrating the use of React to fetch information about products from a Drupal backend and show it. The React application will demonstrate the possibility to rank products by dragging and dropping their images.

Installing React Application

The goal I’m installing React and many other modules needed for my application. The application will preform drag and drop operations and animations. It will use Material Design. What is the application about? It’s about displaying a list of products or other objects. Using drag and drop the user will be able to rank the product their own way. Their ranking will be stored locally so that the user will find it later, when they come to the website again.

Is JavaScript an object oriented programming language?

(This is an idea for an article) How JavaScript is not an object oriented programming language because a pure object oriented implementation doesn't allow you to create the flying dog. You would end up with a dog that flies, but also chirps and has feathers. With JavaScript you can go shopping around for properties and methods and produce the collage of your wishes, free from constraints. In JavaScript nor a bird neither a dog are animals.

Is Your Company Safe From Management By Fear?

I know from personal experience and from history that human beings have been using fear against others to make things happen for a long time. They use it against themselves as well. It has never worked. It has been counterproductive instead. Why are they still doing it? What prevents them from understanding its real effects? Fear. The rationale behind the use of fear to make people do what they are told There is no rationale.

Is your software project safe from the disease of running developers?

One of the reasons for which 70% of software projects fail is that they catch a disease called "Running Developer" and die from it. A project suffering from this disease and not diagnosed in time may survive for many months or even years. Its breathing becomes eventually laboured until it stops. Is it possible to diagnose this disease? Happily, "Running Developer" is a disease you can diagnose. Maybe with the help of an expert.

Symptoms of teenage depression: proposal for a new attitude

(this is part of an article I wrote for the website under the pseudonym Denny Dew) Symptoms of teenage depression In this page I want to talk about the symptoms of teenage depression.  First I will describe them.  Furthermore, I want to discuss the very concept of symptoms when applied to teenage depression. I think that the concept of using the word ‘symptom’ for the symptoms of teenage depression is, in itself, depressing.

Teenage depression treatment: Why the archetype of the Great Mother is important for a good treatment

(this is part of an article I wrote for the website under the pseudonym Denny Dew) (...) The Great Mother in therapy for depression The archetype of the Great Mother is a sort of ‘natural force’ every human being has within. It represents qualities that are very important in therapy for depression. A good therapist uses this ‘natural force’ correctly to be able to: be sincerely interested in a depressed teen’s feelings, ideas, dreams, views, likes and dislikes listen with true attention be non-judgmental overcome his own alienation authentically trust depressed teens to unfold their potential What is an archetype?

Teenagers and depression: how to talk with a depressed teenager

I have given an overview of treatments for depression in teenagers. Usually, several treatments are combined to cure different aspects of depression. A treatment based on drugs may be necessary if a teenager shows important symptoms and finds managing their feelings difficult. At the same time there could be a treatment intended to change the way depressed teenagers think about themselves and reality. Additional treatment could be based on artistic expression.

The three Cs of motivation

(This is an idea for an article) How do you motivate people? You don't! The only thing you can do is to create an environment that doesn't reduce people's motivation too much. If people work in a competitive environment or have no say about what to do, they will be less motivated. The three Cs of motivation are: Cooperation Content Choice

Use your smart-phone as webcam and keep enjoying enhanced security as well

What I want to do I don’t want to buy a webcam for my computer. I have a smart-phone with both front and rear cameras. Can’t I use it as webcam? Are you interested in Enhanced Security? Maybe you are not interested in using your smart-phone as webcam. But you may be interested in Enhanced Security instead. If you are, keep reading because I’m going to tell you about SELinux, an additional level of security Linux servers, and desktops, enjoy.