What did the Buddha really teach?

(This is an idea for an article) To reconstruct what actually the Buddha taught is quite a feat. I have read many related books, practised meditation and lived the same spirit and experience of investigation the Buddha did. I have been able to remove layer after layer of misleading and useless clutter and reach the core. The result is shocking. If you don't feel shocked, it means that you are not interested or deny any interest.

Why Most Software Projects Fail

Imagine an architect designing an electronic circuit. It's wonderful. Circuits like tree-lined avenues, transistors like refreshing fountains, capacitors like shopping centres full of sparkling goodies, resistors like safe tunnels and inductors like energizing attraction parks. Or maybe it's better if we have electronic engineers design circuits, not architects. Why do train-wreck managers design the organizations meant to build software? Who is a train-wreck manager? They are easy to spot because they are almost everywhere.

WYSIWYG editor for Mediawiki

What Mediawiki is and what it is for Mediawiki is the engine that powers Wikipedia. It’s a wiki and it’s used to create collaborative websites where people can share knowledge and keep all sorts of information. They make it possible for people to work on the same document. Personally I keep most of my information in Mediawiki websites. Mediawiki is very good to create intranets, website used internally in an organization.