About me

Emanuele Santanche

Hi there,

This is Emanuele Santanche writing!

I want to tell you about my writing process.

Every writer has their unique, personal writing process.

It's something like this:

My process has something special in addition.

Before every step I smile.

It's to remind myself that one of the main reasons for which I write is to heal.

Sometimes there is really nothing to smile about. There is suffering going on, my smile becomes one of compassion.

It happens that I forget to smile. It's because I am human, I am not a robot.

I am a nomad.

I have lived in Italy, France and the UK.

In the past, travel was one of the best ways to learn. It still is.

It spices up my writing and highlights my uniqueness.

I have worked for a long time in software.

I love to make things work.

It started when I was a teen and it felt like play.

It continued with a long experience in understanding what motivation is and why it matters.

At a given point in my life, it seemed to me that it was more important for us as a species to make society work than to produce some new high-tech gadget.

I realised that modern society wasn't meeting one of the most important human needs, the need to grow, psychologically I mean.

As an engineer I wanted to understand, study and see what I could do about it.

I helped a lot of people, mostly depressed teenagers.

What if we start?

Go to my contact-me page and leave me a message!

I can't wait to know more about you.

A smile,


P. S. Visit my GitHub account to check code I have written.